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ISBN: 9781506493602 If My Hair Had a Voice
If My Hair Had a Voice

by Dana Marie Miroballi

illustrated by Patricia Grannum

Beaming Books, Spring 2024



"If your hair had a voice, it would sing of diversity and identity. It would tell you stories of our history."


An ode to loving your hair and your culture, If My Hair Had a Voice follows a young Black girl as she grows from being disappointed in her natural hair to developing an amazed appreciation for the long history of Black hair. From blossoming floral motifs in celebration of spring to intricate braided codes for spreading revolutionary messages, she discovers that Black hair goes beyond simple adornment--it tells the story of a rich cultural history filled with diversity, resistance, artistry, and, of course, beauty. Backmatter explores the history of each hairstyle featured in the book.

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